Top 10 best essential oil brands

Natural essential oils are natural revitalizers. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties with positive effect on the nervous system. When the correct dosage is observed, they have a therapeutic effect and are not addictive. The main condition when using aromatic oils – they must be of good quality. In this article, I will talk about manufacturing technologies and manufacturers of essential oils.

Commodity markets have been divided for a long time and the advantages of well-known manufactures are not only in a good technological base and possession of production secrets, but also in the opportunity to acquire the best, first-class raw materials. Therefore, the name of the trademark means not only a high price, but also an excellent quality that meets all standards.

Now, there are several well-known brands of essential oils, which get a well-deserved reputation and realize products of excellent quality:

Young Living

essential oil bradd: Young-Living

This company was founded in 1993. Today this is one of the most venerable producers of essential oils. The Young Living has one of the most technologically advanced distillery in North America. Its central office is in Britain. The manufacturer has the standart – 100% pure YLTG – and is tested by the indeendent European Laboratory AFNOR.

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essential oil brand: DōTERRAThe DōTERRA means “Gift of the Earth” from Latin. The company was established in 2008 and on the first stages of its manufacturing founders were stuggle for oils of only the highest quality. It is based in Utah state and work with the purpose to provide its customers from all over the globe with the health-promoting benefits of aromatherapy.

In March 2016, Forbes magazine named the DōTERRA one of “America’s Best Employers”

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Now Foods

now foodNow Foods is known as a manufacturer of essential oils since 1968.  This is one of the leading suppliers to the world market of natural product of excellent quality. All products are made of plant raw material without the use of dyes and chemical additives.

Now, the company became one of the natural product industry’s most recognizable brands.

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RadhaRadha Beauty provides essential oils and its blends on the market since 2014. When being launched, it quickly became the number one selling Beauty and Essential oil brand on

All recipes are based on traditional recipes of India, the motherland of aromatherapy. Its popular skincare line is a mixture of vitamin C Serum, retinol and hyaluronic acid, with a natural base.

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Mountain-Rose-HerbsMountain Rose Herbs

The history of this company has been started from small herbal business in 1987. Now the Mountain Rose Herbs is the leading manufacturer in the world producing natural oils, herbs, spices and etc. Its products do not contain synthetic preservatives, dyes and flavors; its recipes include only fresh, sustainably harvested ingredients.

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Essential Oil Labs

Essential-Oil-LabsThe company produces only 100% natural essential oils.

Its success is based on the use of only natural raw material in the manufacture of products. The manufacturer applies all the latest developments and scientific discoveries in the field of healthy nutrition and therapeutic cosmetics, produces oils solely on the basis of plant material.

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Plant Guru

essential oil brabd: Plant GuruThe company was born as a Web shop of essential oils at reasonable price. Nevertheless from the beginning it didn’t use advertising or any marketing plan, the shop suceeded. Providing natural products at affordable costs, the company came popular. It claims that the their principles are against multi marketing companies.

Plant Guru offers only products from ethical producers worldwide with no gimmicks.

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Aura Cacia

Aura CaciaThis is the leading manufacturer for the production of oils and aromatherapy blends based on them in the world. In its assortment there are more than 300 of the purest natural oils meeting the highest standards. Aura Keisha’s products do not contain synthetic preservatives or dyes and all produced in the USA.

Brand oils are obtained using environmentally friendly technologies (by distillation or spinning) from biologically controlled plant raw materials grown without GMO, without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

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Plant Therapy

Plant-TherapyPlant Therapy is a leading manufacturer and saler of essential oils having the strictest standarts in the oil production. To reach the appropriate quality they struggle for establishing that it is 100% pure and natural.

Representatives of the company regularly visit plantations and monitor the environmental situation in these areas.

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Sun essential oils

Sun essential oilsIt provides oils and its blends. Thanks to the use of high-tech equipment for the control and analysis of products, all the company’s compositions are as safe as possible for human health. The new generation equipment and robotics are used to create and improve the quality of perfume compositions, corresponding to the desires and tastes of customers.

Its production complies with all pharmaceutical regulations.

When buying essential oil, remember that this is an expensive natural product, and its therapeutic properties and cosmetic effects directly depend on the quality and the manufacturer.

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The author: Jane