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Should I choose BPA free diffuser?

While purchasing the diffuser, some people are looking for BPA free essential oil diffuser. So I’ve decided to investigate this topic and understand what is BPA and why it’s so mysteriously terrifying.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical that is applied to rein force plastics in many areas. Therefore, most of us have it in our bodies today.

Bisphenol A is also widely used in the production of compact discs, automobile components, various coatings, adhesives, materials substituting metal, glass and wood. The chemical is involved in the production of resins, paints and varnishes. As it relates to phenols (aromatic hydrocarbons), it is used in human and veterinary medicine as an antiseptic. It’s applied in manufacture of hard polycarbonate plastic, which is material of a huge number of modern products, such as baby bottles, water bottles, beverage containers for packaging products and all kinds of plastic products. Companies producing baby bottles were the first to stop the use of this chemical. Now this trend is becoming more and more popular. Aroma diffusers are not exeption. That’s why now there is a tendency to buy BPA free diffusers.

How does this chemical affect our bodies?

Bisphenol A has a similar chemical structure as the natural sex hormones estradiol (estrogen), and therefore it has the ability to simulate the effects of estradiol in the body. In connection with this hidden potential thebisphenol A is often denoted as “endocrine active” or “endocrine disruptor”.

Due to the ability to affect the endocrine system, especially of infants and young children during the first sensitive period of development, there is a concern of many doctors and researchers that bisphenol A can:

  • Cause premature puberty
  • Harm the male and female reproductive system
  • Damage the nervous system
  • Provoke obesity
  • Cause various heart diseases, cancer and autism.

bpa free essential oil nebulizerIt is still unclear how much Bisphenol Acan harm the human body. Chemical industry representatives oppose other studies, which did not indicate the presence of any significant harmful effects of BPA. Industry representatives say that the government supports their position, noting the FDA statement made last year that there is not enough information on any conclusive studies which would be sufficient to limit or ban the use of bisphenol A.

In 2012, USA banned the use of polycarbonate plastic (which contains Bisphenol A) in production of baby bottles, tableware and sippy cups for infants. This prohibition does not apply, however, to any other BPA-containing products, including children’s toys or food containers.

How to reduce the harmful effects?

To reduce the possible harmful effects of bisphenol is really easy. Try not to heat food in a plastic packaging using a microwave oven. Regularly, at least once a year, update baby bottles and do not use damaged cookware. That’s all.

If you want to understand more in detail then read more here https://www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/agents/sya-bpa/

So back on topic of EO diffusers, I don’t see reasonable explanation to strive for BPA free oil diffuser in alarm as studies do not provide consistent results. Of course, you can pay for non plastic essential oil diffuser made of glass or hardwood.

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The author: Jane