How-to-Choose-Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

How to Choose Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

Scrolling numerous variants of big oil diffusers and trying to find that special and the best one, it is easy to get tired. Almost every description promising that the device is operating perfectly and it is what you really need. However, nobody want to purchase the wrong one and then feel discomfort. I was exploring the question and now can give you a couple tips before buying large room aromatherapy diffuser.

best oil diffuser for large room

If you have a big house, office or yoga class, it is not easy to fill it with pleasant scents completely. Therefore, a smart decision will be an ultrasonic diffuser for large space. This device operates using an electronic frequency the vibration of which vaporizes the oil, dispersing them into the air. So you quickly smell a persistent fragrance. It also does not use any heat while operating and its mist is cool. Actually, heat destroys some healing properties in the essential oil you diffuse. Its coverage area is often about 500-square feet in order to get a perfect experience. This is a real solution if you have a spacious area. But, as a rule, such a unit is not cheap and recommended to be used by professional therapists. You can usually see them in SPA centers or massage parlour. If you want to compare functions, features, capacities and prices – here is my review of top ultrasonic essential oil diffusers for large space.

essential oil diffuser for large room

Then, there is an another variant – a nebulizer. It does not need water and creates 100% essential oil evaporation that easily penetrate into your body. Generally, nebulizers have capacity up to 800 sqft, so it’s a perfect diffuser for large space coverage. Of course, the unit is much more expensive than simple humidifiers and large diffusers but it’s worth it in my opinion. Here is the list of top nebulizing diffuser I prepared.

Best essential oil diffuser for large space

Actually, you may also apply a simple large room diffuser. There many choices with different tank capacity starting from 100 ml up to 600. You may look the review of best essential oil diffuser, I’ve prepared.

Note: you should find the unit, which does not destroy the chemical structure of the oil. It is one of the most important moments.

All in all, as you can see a big space is not a problem in aromatherapy. Choose the device properly and enjoy your favorite fragrance!

The author: Jane