Feature and types of oil diffusers2

Feature and types of oil diffusers

It is not a secret that moisturizing the air is often not only a pleasant relief but a necessity. Dry climate, skin and sinuses problems sometimes force us to set the humidifier in the room. However, there is appeared interesting variety of these devices allowing you to make the air not only humid but also full of magic scents. Yes, I am talking about different types of aromatherapy diffusers. By far they are to create a fabulous atmosphere in your house or workplace filling the air with essential oils.

As different customers have different needs, the manufacture companies have various offers. You have an opportunity to choose between an ultrasonic diffuser and a nebulizer. Let’s take a look at these different types.

Ultrasonic diffuser

types of oil diffusers

This is an excellent way to solve the problem of dry air and get rid of unpleasant odors. If you are looking for the way to maintain a certain level of moisture in your room, this unit is a reasonable choice. As a rule, it is made of plastic, operates quietly without irritating noises and perfect for rooms of small or middle area. The device usually covers up to 400 square feet, so in a large room you, perhaps, will not really feel the effect.

With the help of high frequencies, the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser separates the oil into small particles filling the mist and moisturize the room air. It doesn’t use the heat, so it’s unreal to burn yourself during its operation. An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser helps you to strengthen your immune system and just chill out. It is especially useful during wintertime. Just add the water and several drops of your favorite essential oil into the tank, turn it on and enjoy!


If you are to apply the diffuser in a large space (especially, a spacious room with a high ceiling), the nebulizer will be a sensible solution for you. This device atomizes the oil and circulates it throughout the space. As the nebulizing diffuser doesn’t need the water, it can be made of various materials (glass, hardwood, plastic, metal, ceramic and even porcelain).


The unit takes no mess and noise, requires no heat or moisture. As you might understand, the device vaporizes the 100% essential oil, so you will quickly feel the clear aroma smell. That means the aromatherapy reaches the maximum level. This diffuser helps to purify the air keeping the illnesses away, provokes a deep and calm sleep and make you feel more content.

Note: it cannot use diluted essential oil, that’s why a nebulizer is considered to be applied by professionals.

Finally, here are my lists of top nebulizers and top ultrasonic diffusers. To sum up, I must admit that an ultrasonic diffuser needs smaller amount of oil than nebulizer, moisturize the air with cool and refreshing mist and, all in all, is much cheaper. However, in comparison to them, a nebulizer does not need water due to atomizer technology, provokes stronger oil concentration and can be perfectly applied in large rooms.

So, depending on your needs, the choice is up to you.

The author: Jane