Best essential oils for sleep apnea

Essential oils for snoring

You may not suspect that you are snoring or you simply don’t have this problem yet, but it may appear in 5-10 years, so essential oils are also the best way to prevent snoring or apnea. Snoring disturbs the ventilation of the lungs, that doesn’t allow to saturate in the right amount of air the brain and the whole body, that’s why you can’t get enough sleep and feel completely exhausted throughout the day.

Essential oils to stop snoring

Treatment for snoring with oils is a fairly new practice, but it already shows how effective it can be. It’s the most natural way to stop snoring.

Essential oils one of the most pleasant remedy from snoring. It may help to breath easily because of its supporting on respiratory system which allows the body to get the right amount of oxygen and work fully while you sleep. Also oils help the blood circulation, which improves sleep quality and protect you from undesirable sleep problems.

Best essential oils for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is pretty common problem that can damage your health without proper treatment. It characterized by regular pauses in breathing. When you’re sleeping, you throat muscles is totally relaxed, so the walls of the throat begin to vibrate and that makes this irritating sound – it’s “simple snoring” but apnea is more about irregular breathing with snoring. Due to the lack of normal air supply to the lungs, there is a very high risk of serious complications, so this problem can’t be ignored.

Thyme essential oil Thyme-essential-oil-for-snoring

The perennial herb, a member of the mint family. This oil can help to improve the circulation in your body, which increases healing and blood flow to extremities and areas that need oxygenation. Thyme Essential Oil has a favorable effect on airways, which affects the passage of air through the nostrils and removes the problem of snoring.


Marjoram essential oil Marjoram essential-oil-for-snoring

A very strong remedy to prevent snoring, it includes a large number of components that will contribute to the treatment. This plant has been known for many years for its healing properties. It will help you to relax the muscles of the airways, so the air will pass easier, which will help not to snore.


Eucalyptus essential oil Eucalyptus essential-oil-for-snoring

Eucalyptus is a herbal decongestant. Concentrate from this component helps to remove the mucus from the nasal passages, which frees up the stuffing and helps to breathe in more freely. Also eucalyptus has just an amazing smell!


Valor essential oil Valor essential-oil-for-snoring

This is a very powerful oil that helps the body to restore balance on its own. Contains a mixture of strong substances, which like nothing else will help you to get rid of snoring at night. It has components like spruce but the smell of Valor is very pleasant and comforting aroma which you want to smell in the night every time.


Tea tree essential oil Tea-tree essential-oil-for-snoring

In addition to the fact that this oil helps to release breathing passages, it also has antibacterial properties and will contribute to the fight against diseases. So this is not just an oil from snoring, but also a powerful remedy for diseases!


Here’s some essential oils for snoring recipes

Thyme Oil mix with olive essential oil (add a few drops of each oil) and put into the oil diffuser. Be attentive and before you go to bed make sure that the fragrance is spreading throughout the room.

Also you can add:

  • Marjoram  essential oil – 3- 4 drops
  • Lemon essential oil – 3 drops.

This pleasant combination will also bring relief:

  • Eucalyptus oil – 7 drops
  • lavender oil – 6-7 drops
  • Majoram – 3 drops
  • Sandalwood – 2-3 drops

The author: Jane