Essential oil recipes

Essential oil recipes: I share with you

During several years I have been collecting many beautiful essential oil blends  for all of life’s emergencies. I’m not an aroma therapist, but only an amateur-user 🙂 Perhaps you will like them too.

You receive guests: Which essential oil blends  do you use?


  • A recipe of greeting in the hall: 3 drops of cinnamon, 2 drops of lemon, 1 drop of eucalyptus.
  • Bohemian blend for the living room: 3 drops of ginger, 3 drops of vetiver, 2 drops of bergamot.
  • An easy reception of guests: 3 drops of ginger, 3 drops of bergamot, 2 drops of jasmine.
  • Responsible receptions (anniversaries, weddings): 3 drops of rose, 3 drops of muscat, 3 drops of vetiver.
  • A youth company (so that no one lost his head): 3 drops of rose, 3 drops of geranium, 3 drops of sage.
  • A supper party: 3 drops of juniper, 3 drops of lemon, 1 drop of eucalyptus.

Taking the bath: You can try the essential oil blends


  • To have a good rest after hard work: 3 drps of incense, 3 drps of lemon, 2 drps of ylang-ylang.
  • 3 drps of valerian, 3 drps of rose

Aromatic blends for a children’s room

for children

  • Before going to bed: sandalwood, lavender, a little bit of ylang-ylang.
  • Before going to bed after overexcitation: 3 valerian, ylang-ylang, a little of sage.
  • Against night fears recipe: 5 drops of myrrh, 4 drops of petitgrain.
  • Prevention of colds: rose, orange, a little of pine.
  • For the best performance of homework: neroli and lime.

These blends  are used to aromatize the air, and a very good effect gives contact application of these blends : take 1 dose of the mixture for 1 tablespoon of base oil (avocado, jojoba), put on feet and lightly mash.

Essential oil blends for work

essential-oil-blends for job

– Cabinet: 3drps of rosemary, 3 drps of neroli, 3 drps of sage, 2 drps of lemon.

In addition, use the following essential oil recipes randomly or separately.

– Creative activity: bergamot, vetiver, jasmine, ginger, cinnamon, mandarin, neroli, patchouli, rose, pink tree.

– Increase of working capacity: ginger, lemon, juniper, petigrain, fir, rose, pine, thyme, tea tree, sage, eucalyptus.

– Increase of thinking abilities: carnation, geranium, ginger, cedar, cypress, lemon balm, juniper, muscat, rosemary, fennel, citronella, tea tree, sage, eucalyptus.

Essential oil blends for holidays (revitalize your hotel room)

essential oil recipes for anxiety

– Easy acclimatization: hyssop, lemon, petigrain, pine, lemon balm, rose.

– Rest after the road: pink tree, mint, palmarosa, petigrain.

– Adaptation to new water and food: grapefruit, rose, pink tree.

– Sociability: orange, grapefruit, lavender, mandarin, neroli, rosewood, fennel.

Essential oil blends against smoking

The smell of smoke is the scourge of modern apartments where smokers live. It permeates literally everything – walls, curtains, clothes, and, of course, – the air. It is not only harmful, but also unpleasant.

What does the modern industry offer to fight smoke? There is an abundance of absorbers and air freshener. However, the effect of them is strange. Absorbers, being absorbed, are surprisingly slow. And a deodorant smells sweet as smoke.

Alternative advice – try the essential oil recipes that suppress cravings for smoking. Then the smoke in the apartment will be clearly less. It is difficult to offer a specific recipe here, since the sense of smell is very individual, and the effect of odor on the psyche is generally difficult to determine. But for a basis take two essential oils – with a citrus and tarry aroma and add to them a grassy note. “Play” with this composition to choose the optimal ratio, for you or loved one. It should work out!

Essential oil recipes

Essential oil blends in bed

essential-oil-blends for job

In a house nothing attracts more than a warm cozy bed. And if you create your own fragrance in the bedroom, in bed – it will become truly marvelous.

This is quite easy to achieve. Why do we need washing powders or air conditioners with sharp, unnatural “Alpine” or “frosty freshness”? Honestly, I was not in the Alps, but if it smells so…

And in fact it is possible to get a light, sliding, hardly perceptible smell. That is the fragrance to attract.

It’s very simple – before the laundry, you need to add a few drops of essential oil to water to steam when ironing.

You can soak up your bed linen with a scent by putting on the shelf of the closet a bottle with a mixture of oils, laying linen with paper napkins, on which to drip a few drops of oil. Just do not drip the oil directly on the laundry, the smell will be too intrusive. By the way, the closet is a good use for empty bottles of essential oil. At least a month or two they will still give away their fragrance. This secret is known by many women and perfectly used.

Doing cleaning up, do not be too lazy and wipe the shelves with scented water. This will give the clothes a pleasant smell and additionally protect things from moths. The most effective for this purpose the quite affordable oils of geranium, roses, lavender. The proportion is: for a liter of warm water, add 50 ml of alcohol, in which dilute:

– 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of geranium for bed linen.

– 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of rosemary or other oil with an invigorating resinous smell – for a shelf with men’s underwear.

– 3 drops of lavender, 3 drops of geranium, 3 drops of rose for lingerie.

Note: do not confuse essentialoils with odorant. Apply gently for various diseases or pregnancy. Read the warnings in the instructions.

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The author: Jane