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bpa free essential oil diffuser

Should I choose bpa free essential oil diffuser?

While purchasing the diffuser, some people are looking for BPA free essential oil diffuser. So I’ve decided to investigate this topic and understand what is BPA and why it’s so mysteriously terrifying.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical that is applied to rein force plastics in many areas. Therefore, most of us have it in our bodies today.

Bisphenol A is also widely used in the production of compact discs, automobile components, various coatings, adhesives, materials substituting metal, glass and wood. The chemical is involved in the production of resins, paints and varnishes. As it relates to phenols (aromatic hydrocarbons), it is used in human and veterinary medicine as an antiseptic. It’s applied in manufacture of hard polycarbonate plastic, which is material of a huge number of modern products, such as baby bottles, water bottles, beverage containers for packaging products and all kinds of plastic products. Companies producing baby bottles were the first to stop the use of this chemical. Now this trend is becoming more and more popular. Aroma diffusers are not exeption. That’s why now there is a tendency to buy BPA free diffusers.

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