Aroma creation by yourself

I consider, you realize that when the house smells delicious, then it’s more pleasant to live there, and you want to go home sooner and more often. Maybe somehow it’s easier to do something to aromatize the air?

Firstly, it is unnecessary to spend money on expensive exotic oils. The main oils made in our country from our raw materials are quite accessible. Secondly, there are simpler, folk ways to give home a fragrance.

The simplest means are aromatic pads or sachets. We take small bags of cotton or linen fabric, stuff them with dried herbs, bandage them with a ribbon, and such a good is sold perfectly in different shops selling natural products. Well, why would you spend money on something like that when you can do it by yourself?! If there is no time to sew these bags, just simply fill the unnecessary children’s socks with herbs (only from natural fibers, of course). It might not be very impressive to look like this “sachet,” but it works.

What kind of herbs? Whatever you like, pending on goals you want to achieve. Lavender as well as tansy flowers and dried orange crusts will protect your things from moths. Rose oil is rare and expensive, but its petals have a pleasant scent.

Aromatherapy pillow

To protect things from moth damage, take an aromatic pillow stuffed with lavender flowers and drip 5 drops of cedar and 5 drops of cypress. If you do not have such a pillow, take 4-5 cotton swabs and soak each 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of cedar or cypress. Place them evenly in the drawers of the linen closet. After 2-3 weeks, repeat the treatment with essential oil. Against the moth lemon and sage are also useful.

Additionally, you can fill a pillow with dried herbs. It’s such a pleasure to sleep in the scent of herbs!. Of course, you will not sleep on this pillow, – it will soon be crumbling into dust. But if you make a small pillow and put it on the headboard, lightly shaking it to revitalize the fragrance… I’ve been using it by myself for many years, and I do not cease to rejoice. Herbs, of course, are losing their fragrance over the course of time. Relive your pillow with a few drops of essential oil, they will prolong the memory of the summer.

Aromatherapy Buckwheat Pillow
Aromatherapy Buckwheat Pillow

Pillow you can fill with any herbs – mint, melissa, thyme, oregano, sage. For refreshing the aroma of herbs, essential oils with resinous or herbal odor – rosemary, muscatine sage, fir, juniper, wormwood – are suitable.

These aromas will improve your dream, help you to sleep for less time, and feel vivacity in the morning. This is very useful during epidemics of influenza, especially when one of the members of the family has a cold. The perfect remedy for insomnia is a pillow with cones of hops. My colleague often suffers from sleep disorders – she always has some difficulties, stresses: exams, then love. You will not give a teenager sleeping pills. So, the pillow is a right solution.

If in the summer you did not collect any herbs, you surely can buy them in a pharmacy, since today it’s not a problem. Moreover, you may easily dry the crusts of lemons, oranges, tangerines. It is better to cut a thin layer of zest and use it, because the white parts of the crusts give a slightly “dusty” hue to the smell. A citrus aroma gets richer with a couple drops of citrus essential oils – lemon, orange, bergamot. The aroma of lemon refreshes and invigorates, orange and bergamot soothes, drives away unpleasant thoughts. If you fill a pillow with rose petals, then add the essential oil of rose, lavender or geranium ennobles the fragrance.

Pillow with the scent of cloves cleans the air in the room.

The author: Jane