Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

10 reasons to get an essential oil diffuser

The use of essential oils backs to antiquity. During epidemics patients and rooms were fumigated with medicative herbs for disinfection. However, nowadays aromatherapy is associated rather with a way to relax or create a special atmosphere in the room.

The simplest comfortable way to saturate a room air with an essential oil is to place an oil diffuser. There are many different types of this modern device you can have a look in my oil diffuser review. Anyway, having chosen any of them you get the ability to choose the fragrant air you want to breath. Well, look at 10 reasons to get an essential oil diffuser:

1) Make the breath easier

Diffusing the peppermint, rosemary or eucalyptus oils are useful for people with respiration problems. Just diffuse these oils in your room and soon you’ll notice as your breath comes easier.

2) Resist Disease

Such essential oils as lemon, sage, rosemary ones have antimicrobial properties. Therefore, in the air saturated with oil vapor the organic compounds prevent the airborne pathogens getting into your body. Additionally, some oils are very useful for your immune system (thyme or tea tree oils).

3) Provoke relaxation

After an exhausting working day, surely you do not want anything but to switch off. It is not necessary to take a bath with rose petals, or go to massage therapist, as you have an opportunity just click on an aromatherapy diffuser. Inhaling the pleasant aromas, you even will not notice how your mind and body are relaxed. Moreover, put a diffuser with chamomile or lavender oil on a bedside table, and you’ll sleep the sleep of the just.

4) Cheer up

Just as a diffuser are able not only chill you, but also cheer up and create a good spirits. For example, you are sleepy all day long and just can not wake up or want to create a cheerful atmosphere at the party. In these cases a little sweet orange or scotch pine oil might aid and cheer you up.

5) Repel insects

Are you suffering from buzzing mosquitos, flies or skeeters? You may protect your home diffusing a clove or lemongrass oils, thus no bug will disturb you.

6) Make a romantic mood

Would you like to spend a warm romantic evening with your significant other? It’s not necessary to buy numerous scented candles and arrange them around the house in fear of accidentally drop one and start a fire. Instead of this you can use a safe electric diffuser with jasmine or rose oil… And voila! Thrilling atmosphere will be in the wind.

7) Help to focus

The fact is some essential oils (such as lemon, eucalyptus or pine ones) are able to balance your body’s hormones and supercharge brain cells. These adaptogenic qualities help to level out your mood and provoke you to stay focused.

8) Amelioration of pain

Suffering of headaches or overfatigue you have an opportunity just use the diffuser with ginger, lavender or bergamot oil in order to relief the pain

9) Replace the candles

You might admit that candles and incenses are unsafe despite the stereotype of their romantic appearance. Especially, having children or pets candles come sooner handful than a pleasant interior feature. That’s why a diffuser is a modern and sensible decision. No more wax spills or burns!

10) Be cool

Of course, use of an essential oil diffuser will make you special and cool in the eyes of your friends, but we are talking about chilling in a hot weather. Sweltering in summer it’s not necessary to run your conditioner or ventilator for a solid day. You can pull through the stifling heat with help of the oil diffuser. It has a cooling effect in combination with mint.

We can talk a lot about the reasons why you should set an essential oil diffuser in your house. But, as you might have already understand, the most important thing you get is the ability to control and regulate the atmosphere in your house in the truest sense. Oil diffusers will help you to choose exactly that “weather” you want to.

The author: Jane